Centralised Operational Information Management

The Operational Information Problem

A major headache for corporate IT organisations is the regular production of operational information reports for various management teams and audiences. Most corporates have a plethora of sources of such information, such as: 

  • Monitoring systems
  • Incident management systems
  • Operational databases
  • External 3rd party systems
  • Call centres
  • Support desks 

The regular production of reports and dashboards from these sources can become a burdensome task for operational teams and consume an inordinate amount of time an attention.


Centralised Operational Information Management (COIM) System

The Time Quantum Centralised Operational Information Management (COIM) system utilises proprietary and industry standard technology to centralise information from operational sources such as Applications Performance Monitoring, database monitoring, service management and incident management systems.

  • The data is automatically consolidated, correlated, and presented
  • Real time and historic reports and dashboards
  • We measure:
    • Mean Time To Repair (MTTR)
    • Fault repetition
    • Trouble prone components
    • Error rates
    • Response times
    • Service quality
    • Incident frequency
    • Downtime
    • SLA compliance

Automated Extraction Engine

  • Proprietary extraction engine automatically obtains data from any source that complies with the Rest API standard
  • Creates COIM central data base
  • Standard reports and dashboards
  • Custom reports and dashboards
  • Has an API enabling interface with legacy or 3rd party systems
  • Fully configurable

Presentation Layer

  • The COIM presentation layer interfaces directly to the central database
  • Uses leading industry products for creating and presenting reports and dashboards
  • Used to provide a portfolio of reports and dashboards that come standard with COIM
  • Standard reports for operational managers, business leaders, QA, CIOs, financial managers, senior executives
  • Enables development of custom reports and dashboards

Supported Technologies: