Discover and monitor all application system dependencies and relationships

Multiple deployment options

Flexcube Universal Banking Solutions from Oracle

  • Enables rapid innovation and next generation experiences with front-to-back digital capabilities
  • Improves insight generation and enhances straight-through processing with intelligent decision-making and automation using technologies like Machine Learning and Biometrics
  • Enables rapid and secure integration and collaboration with third-party firms and ecosystems through externalized business services and an open architecture
  • Offers multiple transformation paths with best-in-class off-the-shelf capabilities to pre-integrated components for progressive transformation
  • Supports multiple deployment options across on premise and Cloud, multiple deployment models

A range of comprehensive functionalities

Internet Banking

  • Our Internet Banking solution comes with multi-channel capabilities and helps to offer interactive & contextual customer experiences
  • It is an intuitive, modern and flexible solution that can be integrated with self-service channels thus allowing customers to initiate a transaction on the internet and complete it via any other channel.
  • It is further enhanced with advanced services and supports a range of comprehensive functionalities for both retail & corporate banking.

Banking services across all leading mobile platforms

Mobile Internet Banking

  • Our Mobile Banking solution offers a streamlined approach allowing you to manage your mobile channel efficiently. It helps to offer personalized customer experiences via mobile devices like smartphones & tablets.
  • The mobile banking solution can be swiftly integrated with other channels and allows your customers to access banking services across all leading mobile platforms like Android iOS, Blackberry and Windows.
  • The solution can be optimized for SMS, USSD, mobile web browser, smartphone and tablet applications.

Hassle-free customer onboarding process

Agency banking solutions

  • Our Agency Banking solution helps banks to offer door-to-door banking services and makes it possible for bank’s customers to perform affordable micro-transactions.
  • The solution facilitates a hassle-free customer onboarding process and helps banks to easily extend their services even to the remotest areas with no access to banking services thereby promoting financial inclusion.
  • The agency banking solution comes with an agency management portal that allows you to manage the network of agents with ease and also supports multi-hierarchy agent management.

Flexible and scalable solution

Mobile Wallet Solution

  • Our mobile money/wallet solutions offer banks and financial service providers the ability to meet the transactional needs and demands of the modern-day consumer.
  • It is a flexible and scalable solution that can be seamlessly integrated into your bank’s core banking system.
  • Our solution is easy to deploy; it can be deployed in the cloud and on-premise.
  • It is a robust, secure and well-integrated mobile payment solution which helps to achieve financial inclusion, improved payments, and enhanced service delivery.
  • This Includes
    • P2P Fund Transfer
    • Airtime Top-Up
    • 3rdParty Payments
    • Micro Saving and Lending

Module-driven solution

Microloans and Savings

  • Microloans and Savings is a scalable, flexible and robust solution that automates all bank and mobile wallet operations encompassing savings and small-value lending services.
  • It is a customizable and module-driven solution that helps to offer micro-level financial services to individuals or groups with less income or limited resources.

Flexible and scalable solution

Digital Onboarding

Digital Onboarding, enable banks to accelerate the customer onboarding journey by automating the end-to-end process in a simplified and streamlined manner by:

  • Self-capturing basic customer information
  • Validation of identity through API, Customer photo, Proof of Identity and Proof of Address
  • Fast and efficient customer onboarding
  • Real time effectiveness.
  • Exponential increase in conversion of new customers.
  • Any Identity document- A ID, Passport
  • Online validation of Id through API
  • Complete automated process
  • Customer does not require to visit bank
  • Bank Official does not require to visit customer.
  • Financial inclusion for people staying in remote area
  • Reduction in manpower
  • OTP at all stages