TQ Endpoint Management as a Service

Unified Endpoint Management

TQ Endpoint Management as a Service

Endpoint Device Management – Automated Patching – Install Apps Remotely – Software Metering

Managing Endpoints is becoming increasingly challenging

Modern organizations face the issue of blurred organizational boundaries. The global spread required to survive in today’s economy has led to an increased complexity in IT - distributed systems, cloud apps, multichannel solutions, and a vast spread of end points. TQ Endpoint Management enables the IT department to balance between the security vulnerabilities attached to widespread endpoint devices and dynamic business demands.

IT Assets

Do you know what IT assets you own, their cost, who uses them, and where they are located? Or what about which systems have expired warranties?

Varying OS across enterprise

Are you able to manage diverse OS systems in your organization including PCs, Macs, and Linux boxes all in one centralized management view?

Global Workforce

How do you support and manage a global workforce dependent on mobile devices? How about supporting professionals who depend on data and applications to do their job remotely?

Software License Management

Does your organization get audited by software vendors? Are you tasked with saving your organization money with optimal utilization of purchased licenses? How do I ensure my organization stays within license agreement terms?

Regulation and Compliance

Does your organization need to comply with regulations like SOX, PCI, HIPAA while proving all of your devices are encrypted?

Patch Management for MS and non-MS

How do you centralize and simplify patch management for Microsoft applications AND non-Microsoft applications, while simultaneously tracking application of the patches and automate their delivery?

TQ Endpoint Management (TQEM) allows IT administrators control over the IT assets configuration and enforcement of security policies via pre-packaged or custom policies securely distributed without the need of connecting through the organizational network or central systems.

Replace your manual processes, non-integrated point solutions, or overly complex software suite with the industry’s most comprehensive unified endpoint systems management solution and give your IT team more time to innovate.

TQEM is a fast-to-implement, easy-to-use systems management and deployment solution. Manage, secure, and service your organization’s network-connected devices, including Windows PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, tablets, Linux, UNIX, and Windows Servers, printers, storage, and the internet of things (IoT).

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