Help to stabilise a community in SA

Help to stabilise a community anywhere in SA by employing unemployed youngsters and assist them to become more employable.

What We’re Offering

Simplifying IT Services, Infrastructure and Services

TQ provides solutions that assist our clients to simplify components of their IT solutions, infrastructure and services.

We offer assistance in End Point Management, Applications Performance Management, Software Testing, Centralised Operational Information Management and Banking IT Solutions

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What is your Endpoint Management Score?

Endpoint Management score

Less than 500 Points 39%
Between 501 & 1000 Points 50%
Between 1501 & 2000 Points 70%
Between 2001 & 3000 Points 85%
More than 3000 Points 98%

We are a company of self-motivated individuals that share a common goal and purpose.

Information Technology, Simplified