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Globalisation has resulted in massive competition for enterprises throughout the world.

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Globalisation has resulted in massive competition for enterprises throughout the world. Customers are now able to source every type of product and service from a multiplicity of suppliers and have become increasingly willing to switch preferred vendors based on their latest experience. This has led to a world in which the "customer experience" is increasingly the means by which businesses are trying to differentiate themselves. A significant component of the customer's experience when interacting with any business is the performance and reliability of the underlying systems that are an integral pert of the supply of virtually any service today. It does not matter whether the customer is interacting with the system directly such as Internet Banking for instance or through the medium of a clerk using an ordering system for example. The customer wants an interaction that is fast, reliable and available when he/she wants it.

This need to be able to manage and monitor the service delivered by systems as it experienced by the customer/end-user has recently given rise to the emergence application performance management tools that are able to monitor and manage applications on an enterprise-wide basis.
The implementation and successful integration of these tools in large modern enterprises, however, presents a serious challenge due to a variety of reasons:

- The highly complex, multi-tier architecture of modern applications
- IT infrastructures utilise platforms and systems from a large variety of suppliers
- Compartmentalised responsibility structures within the enterprise
- Existing partial monitoring tools that either need to be discarded or interfaced with

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