Application Performance Management


The Time Quantum Application Performance Management (APM) division is a leading provider of enterprise-wide applications performance management solutions and services in South Africa. We have achieved this status by focusing on this area several years ago and partnering with the best providers of software tools in this space.

We have a team of experts that have some of the best and largest implementations of such enterprise-wide solutions in the world under their belt. One of our clients is the largest implementation of its type in the world and is often used as a reference site for prospects all over the world.

Through our extensive experience in implementing and integrating APM in large enterprises we have acquired a substantial body of expertise which we have encapsulated in our proprietary methodology.

Services provided are:
  • Enterprise APM Strategy development
  • Provision of enterprise-level APM software tools
  • APM tool implementation and integration
  • APM organisation design
  • On-site APM operating services
  • Off-site APM operating services

End-to-End Transaction Performance

Transaction Performance

End-to-End Branch Application Response Performance

Response Performance

Branch Office Status

Branch Office Status

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